The EDI Summit Attracts a Diverse Community of Industry Professionals

The Summit is where the legal technology industry's latest innovative solutions are unveiled and game-changing trends are exposed. The Summit attracts an unmatched delegation of leading experts who drive the future of eDiscovery.

The Summit offers the opportunity to:

Meet today's top industry experts and influencers face-to-face | Sharing business experiences and new ideas with your peers may lead you to find a new mentor or business partner. 

Learn from Federal Judges |Judicial participants will address key topics in discovery including proportionality, Technology Assisted Review (TAR), implementing legal holds, preservation and much more. 

Learn from in-house experts | With 6 keynotes and 24 breakout sessions to choose from there will be countless opportunities to learn from our nation's top in-house experts. Panelists will share their perspectives on everything from diversity in the workplace to streamlining discovery responses, best practices of data processing and much, much more. 

Participate in intimate networking opportunities | Sharing space with like-minded people offers the ability to learn from other's experiences. Take-away new ideas and methods shared by industry peers and bring something valuable back to your own organization. 

Explore the latest eDiscovery tools and software | Summit underwriters exhibit to share information about the latest tools and practices that may benefit your organization. 

Discuss new tactics and tips | Showcasing a wide range of eDiscovery professionals - the Summit offers an intimate setting where you will have the ability to dive deep into discussions regarding best practices and new ideas. Panels will discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in innovating and leading and how you can build consensus to launch new ideas. 

Gain advice for the future | Summit panels will offer practical advice for eDiscovery professionals seeking to stay ahead in a quickly evolving industry and will offer insights into industry trends and expectations for the coming years. 

Gain confidence |  Live events force attendees to break out of their comfort zone.

Participating Organizations Include: